Our Board

Sinayo Global is a dynamic financial institution with a diverse portfolio of operations and investments.

Babalwa Nyonyama

Global CEO

AJ Coetzee

Commercial & Legal Director​

Morne Bosch

Finance Director​

Sinayo Global is a dynamic financial institution with a diverse portfolio of operations and investments.


Babalwa Ngonyama is the Global CEO and major shareholder of Sinayo. Ngonyama is passionate, relatable, and solely focused on the development of leaders that are equipped to meet the challenges of tomorrow. Ngonyama prides herself on her ability to inspire curiosity and spark the desire for education and development. Ngonyama has dedicated her career and her life to developing human intellect and creating a sustainable, equitable and just society.  

Ngonyama has occupied diverse leadership roles as a lead independent director and chairperson of various committees of South African entities at various stages of their lifecycles. The acclaimed CEO is also the founding chairperson of the African Women Chartered Accountants (AWCA), an organization whose key aim is to accelerate the development of black female Chartered Accountants. She currently serves on its Advisory Board. 

In addition to leading Sinayo, Babalwa was a board member of Vukile Properties and a lead independent director of Hollard Life, Hollard Insurance, Kagiso Tiso Holdings and Vukile Properties. She was the audit committee chair of the latter two organisations. She was also a board member and the committee chair of Aspen and a lead independent director at Implats Ltd. Previously an audit partner at Deloitte’s, Safika Holdings Group CFO, and Chief Internal Auditor at Nedbank Ltd. She also served as the Chairperson of the University of Cape Town Council.  

AJ Coetzee is recognized for his strategic insight and profound knowledge in international business expansion, especially in mergers and acquisitions. As the leader of Rise Others, a globally acclaimed Mergers & Acquisitions firm with strong presences in the Netherlands and Cape Town, South Africa, AJ has adeptly positioned the company as a pivotal force in aiding businesses to scale internationally. At Rise Others, he offers invaluable advisory services, secures access to capital, and utilizes a vast network for effective deal-making, thereby facilitating smooth global growth for numerous companies.

Expanding upon his rich experience, AJ has recently taken on the role of Commercial & Legal Director at Sinayo Global. In this role, he is committed to applying his extensive knowledge of global markets and mergers and acquisitions to drive Sinayo Global towards its ambitious objectives.

His leadership at Sinayo Global is marked by a progressive strategy, focusing on positioning the company as a leader in the industries it invests in, which further highlights his dedication to fostering economic advancement and environmental stewardship globally.